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Rubber base Kodi professional

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Rubber base Kodi professional

Rubber Base Gel Kodi Professional

Most women use base coat nail polish in order to create a beautiful manicure only occasionally giving the nail plate rest. Not surprisingly that in time it loses its shine, begins to peel or even chap. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right polish base: professional - if the color manicure is worn constantly, and the usual - if it is worn intermittently.

What is a Base Coat Kodi Professional Used For

In the female cosmetic bag, it is necessary to make a room for a small bottle with a rubber gel base coat. Even if the seeming of nails is ideal today, it is essential to remember that colored polishes will eventually make them more defenseless. The chemical components that are a part of them gradually give the nail plate a yellowness. It becomes more brittle and loses its natural shine.
Before making the manicure in the beauty salon, professionals necessarily use a standard or rubber base coat for nails, thus creating a special barrier for the penetration of chemical reagents from polish or gel. The range of Kodi Professional includes glossy and matte textures in basic pastel shades - beige, pink, white. With their help, you can protect the nail plate from harmful effects as well as make a French manicure.

Advantages of Our Base Coat

The famous American brand Kodi Professional creates and annually updates the line of rubber gel base coat, bringing in them more gentle components that give the nail plate a well-groomed and healthy look.Main advantages:

• a carefully designed, gentle formula for the care of the nail plate;

• availability of a line of products with a curative effect;

• professional, standard coat 2 in 1;

• the best color palette, several variants of textures - matte, glossy;

• different volume of the bottle: 12 ml - professional, 8 ml - standard;

• economical consumption of the product due to the optimal viscosity of the composition;

• quick drying in the UV lamp;

Benefits of Buying on

The online store Kodi Professional offers its customers only certified top quality products of its own brand. Rubber gel top coat for nails Kodi Professional is presented in the catalog in a wide range. Each customer will be able to select the product online by herself just having read its description in the card and having read the customers’ feedback. The entire product line has a cheap price from the developer, the delivery is carried out from the USA by a convenient transport scheme and takes up to 20 days.