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Rubber Base Gel - 12 ml Kodi professional

Out Of Stock Rubber Base Gel - 12 ml Kodi professional

Rubber Kodi Base Gel is a multipurpose,transparent agent with elastic structural features. Unlike an ordinary base, itdiffers with thicker and denser texture. It has a dispersed layer. It also canbe used as a base for decorative gel polish.

Features andadvantages.

The original product possesses the following advantages:

• it creates asolid couplingbetween natural keratin of the nail and working gel material;

• itqualitatively flattens the imperfections of the nail surface’s structure;

• it protectsthe nail from the aggressive influence of coloring gel-lacquer pigments;

• it makesstronger the thin, fragile and exfoliating nails;

• it is goodworn;

• cracking ofthe coating is excluded during long-term manicure, owing to the pliability;

• it is spenteconomically;

• it is comfortableand easy to apply over the nail, without making any faults at the outer edge;

• there are nobald spots after lamp drying.

It is notrecommended to remove the sticky layer from the base. It increases the adhesion of the base to the gel polish and makeseasier to create nice coating for the freshmen without that muchexperience. 

How to apply theconsistency correctly

The rubber baseis applied slowly with a neat thin layer on the fat-free natural nail, withoutsharp movements. Flowing under the cuticle and side rollers is not permitted.Using a brush, you can seal the cut of the nail, coloring the edges. Forpolymerization is required:

It is requiredfor polymerization:

• up to 2minutes in a 36 watt UV lamp;

• 30 seconds in LED.

The base iscovered with a colored gel polish above (from 1 to 3 layers depending on theconsistency of the decorative composition and the wishful saturation of thetone). It can be removed with the help of special tool Tips Off. The process issuper easy and takes a minimum of time.

You can order the product online in our online store. We are official representatives of thebrand Kodi Professional USA,specializing in the production of trustworthy and high-quality agents for nailservice. Аvial of 8 ml can be bought as a sample to try. It is suitable for using and hasa professional brush.

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