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Gel polish FOX

Gel polish FOX

Gel Polish Kodi Professional

Modern women, striving in any situation to be attractive and have an impeccable manicure, do not accidentally choose a natural gel-nail polish. This new product will preserve the original design, providing a lasting effect. A well-known American brand has created a unique remedy that will make your nails resistant to damage. In our online store you can buy gel nail polish online at the best price, having received quality assurance of a certified product.

Natural Gel Nail Polish by Kodi Professional

If you are looking for a professional cheap gel nail polish for sale, look through the catalog of our online store where you can choose the product of the necessary color and quality. This remedy, produced according to the innovative formula, provides the necessary protection of the coating from chaps, pilling, ensuring the saturation and brightness of the paint. Gel polish will save time for nail care, make your fingers beautiful and well-groomed and keep a magnificent pattern on your nails for more than a week.

Gel polish is one of the latest developments of Kodi Professional. It is very popular not only among specialists engaged in nail service. It is also possible to gel polish for home use here. This remedy allows to make a plastic coating, which is subsequently processed using an ultraviolet lamp. The applied layer is held for a long time, which allows the woman to save her time and have a perfect manicure. She can use gel coat polish for short nails, which is extremely practical in many cases.

Main Advantages of Gel Polish Kodi Professional

Kodi Professional created an organic gel. It not only creates a presentable look of your nails, but also has the following advantages:

• completely nontoxic;

• is suitable for any type of nail;

• strengthens the nail plates;

• includes only hypoallergenic components;

• strengthens and nourishes nails;

• provides high coating endurance;

• has a saturated color;

• resistant to chips and chaps

• withstands different loads.

Our employees are always ready to advise you and give efficient advice on the selection and use of nail make-up and accessories.

What is the difference between Gel Polish & Shellac?

If you want to make a gift for yourself in the form of a quality manicure remedy and didn’t decide which one to give preference – gel polish or shellac, use the advice of our experts.Gel polish requires more thorough preparation of the nail plate, its treatment with a primer. Thanks to this it is possible to achieve high strength. This type of coat is suitable for brittle nails. Shellac is a more expensive coating that combines the qualities of the previous product, but is applied and removed much faster. Both products softly and easily lie on the surface of the nail, giving it a beautiful and well-groomed look.

H3 Why do people choose us?

In our online store you can choose gel polish of different colors and prices, buy goods at retail or at wholesale for your salon, feeling all the strong sides of our service:

• rich choice of certified products;

• convenient choice;

• assistance of specialists in the preparation of the purchase;

• affordable prices;

speedy delivery to the USA, Israel and other countries of the world;